Friday, August 20, 2004

Yet more rubbish

Game - Bad Apple Game - Match the smileys to eliminate them and try to guess the catchphrase.
Game - Kelimator - A brilliant game, like Scrabble against the clock.
Pictures - The real hairiest man in China - Hippy Tony does'nt get a look in.
Pictures - Swank Signs - Dedicated to the art of mocking public works.
Pictures - Star Wars Stormtrooper wedding
Strange - The Mojo car
Stupid - Dumb quotes
News - P3n15 survey comes up short.
News - Plastic surgery for Dogs - He's not that ugly.
News - Hero Dog

Thanks to milkandcookies, coolios and Fark


mmChronic said...

I reckon the hairist man is Hippy Tony's great uncle though. There's a bit of a resemblance.

ILuvNUFC said...

and he claims to have Asian origins. So it must be.