Sunday, August 22, 2004

IRC Images

Does exactly what it says on the tin. The IRC Images site scrapes IRC channels for images then displays them in a web stylee.

Be warned: Because of the nature of the beast that is IRC the randomness of the images shown will vary from the mindnumbingly mundane to the shockingly explicit with the occasional peek into the inner workings of a psychopath's mind. Probably. Pr0n photoshops seem to be a bit popular.

The link itself is SFW - it takes you to a disclaimer page which warns you repeatedly aboput possible nastiness and ends with:
You are only permitted to enter this site if you have read the information above, and promise not to later say "You didn't warn me!", or "I thought that warning was a joke!".
via Milk and Cookies


Mog said...

Anyone knows, why it's now blocked? Usually you could go to first page (where the warning is) and if you don't have password yet, you can't go further. Now it asks password even before it lets you to first page? And I don't remember mine :(

Anonymous said...

There another site that does just this: Topicspy.