Friday, August 27, 2004

Rooney demands transfer

The BBC are reporting that Rooney has slapped in a transfer request to Everton - and reportedly favours us over Manure!

I still think this is bollocks but I am getting excited now and will be glad to be proved wrong! :)

I'm off to make my Rooney mask.


ILuvNUFC said...

Did you see this bit at the bottom of the article.

"Newcastle boss Sir Bobby Robson admitted he was in the dark over his club's bid"

I stand by what i said before the Boro game that Bobby will be gone soon.

bungers said...

I still think it's all shizzle.

By the way "Soul Plane", starring Snoop Dogg, comes out in the cinema today!


mmChronic said...

Yeah Merg and I were talking about it last night and I reckon it's weeks rather than months.

If FF wanted Bobby gone he should have sorted it over summer. What sort of shit manager will we get now the season has started? Fscking Fat Freddie - what a fat arse he is.

Merg said...


Frankly.... I love Uncle Bobby to death but... I think he's past it. Just watch a match -- where's the logic behind his decisions? Substitutions in the last few minutes and bizarre ones at that.

I'm the first to admin he's forgotten more than I'll ever know about footy but I still think he's no longer up to the job.

The big worry is who'll replace him ten minutes into the season. A big mess indeed.

BTW, does anyone have the vaguest clue WHY Rooney might perfer us to ManUre?

Though I am loath to admit it, were I presented with such a choice, despite my love for the Toon, I *KNOW* the logical choice is ManUre... (please don't kill me! ;) ) I say that with a heavy heart, but...

It's not even like when Shearer came. Then we were second only to them. Last season we just edged fifth and we just drew at home to new boys Norwich... (see "Bobby's lost it" above...)



ILuvNUFC said...

The 2 resaons i can think for him wanting to come here are that he should get a game every week and the other, it's obvious, to make Manyoo up their bid.

Merg said...

The former's reasonable, the latter's a reason to SAY it but not to really want it ;)

But yeah... I don't believe he wants to come here really either.

mmChronic said...

Don't forget all the totty he can manage for free. No more need to pay 50 year old ladies of the night for 'favours'.

Merg said...

Funny you should say that, I made that very point just yesterday somewhere... :)