Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hiccup remedies :: Adam Kalsey

Ah sweet jesus!

I've had the hiccups for two days, and all i needed to do was read this blog!

Hiccup remedies :: Adam Kalsey

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sock Master's Video Game Controller Family Tree

Does what it says on the tin. It's nice!

Sock Master's Video Game Controller Family Tree

Sparky The Geordie Budgie

Panda painted onto single hair

Clive's tortoise dies at age 255

Spiders web after rain

Tongue-twisting budgie is CD star. The linguistic skills of a Geordie budgie that died more than 40 years ago have been immortalised on a CD published by the British Library.
Sparky lived in Newcastle until 1962 and had a repertoire of more than 500 words and 380 sentences. His stuffed remains are on show at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle, where visitors hear examples of his mimicry.

Antcam - Natural History Museum. Great.

British Big Cats Society

Meow Mix. The first ever restaurant for cats.

Top 10 Strangest Animals

More Skateboarding Dog

Fighting The International Dog Meat Trade (via)

IE Security Flaws *yawn* So what's new?

Courtesy of The BBC comes news that there has been not one, not two, but three serious security problems for the price of one in IE6. Microsoft's take?

Microsoft said it would produce patches for the vulnerabilities in its next security update due on 11 April.

So, the fix is at best, over two weeks away. Unless the threat has "grown significantly". Personally, I consider remote code execution exploits to be a pretty damn' significant threat, but they didn't ask me.

Microsoft suggests users avoid visiting sites they don't trust -- which for me at least, means not visiting any sites...

No, this isn't a "two minutes of hate" about Microsoft, I just find it hard not to snark when they make such ludicrous statement.

The good news is that the IE7Beta2 "technology preview" isn't affected -- so that's my laptop safe, at least.

Regardless, for my regular browsing, I'll stick to Firefox.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Zelda DS Trailer

I've been a bit remiss in posting, I know. Sorry chaps. Some heavy RL stuff happening right now.


Here's the trailer for the upcoming Zelda DS title, (wmv) "Legend of Zelda: Phamtom Hourglass".

Looks cute. Old-school top-down using a nice 3D engine with quite a lot of stylus interactive-y stuff. Can't wait.

Edit: A smaller Quicktime version is available here. I recommend the WMV version unless you're on dialup or can't view Quicktime.

Marijuana Recipes

Drug Ring Sold Pot-Laced Candy, Soda

The glorious art of smoking - a photoset on Flickr (via)

Dutch children of 12 'addicted to cannabis'

Flowering Purple Star Recipes

The biggest collection of full cigarette packs in the world

Methamphetamine on

Contents of Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures by Charles Hayes (via)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jerry springer the opera

Jerry springer the opera opened in Manchester recently and some bible thumpers turned up to protest at the blaphemy only to be out numbered by anti-protester protesters 3 to 1.


Love the one with the sign saying "stop being so bloody silly" on it. ;)

flickr pics

Great stuff i am sure you will agree. :)

More Lego stuff... The Stormchasers Flagship Tamar

Stormchasers Flagship Tamar
Originally uploaded by Brickenrocker.
Stormchasers Flagship Tamar

The Stormchasers, led by Dr. Spamcake, seek out interstellar energy to create the ultimate unobtanium, spamcake.

This is a pretty cool photostream. :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

ILuvNUFC's Animals Dinklump

WOOT! My internets are broken no more. Stoopid British Telecom are really crap at everything they do. How I wish that I lived in a cabled area.
Anyhoo here are some links about animals for your perusal.

Fainting Goats Video

Celebrity dogs (via)

To be or not to bee

Animal Tracks Slide Show Archive - (via)

Skeeter on Flickr. EEK! Run away.

Pigeon Blog

'Giant' lobster lives up to name

Scientists discover swimming ants

Fat Lazy Cats

Photos of dogs wearing headscarves (via)

Lego shadow photography

Originally uploaded by mlf1660.
super cool lego photography from this dude

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ha ha ha America

A funny video - from China about America.


pile of spidey

pile of spidey
Originally uploaded by epersonae.
Argh! My army has been defeated!

Trash compactor!?!??!

Lego tables @ SXSWi 2006
Originally uploaded by Julie Leung.
When I saw this I thought it was an interpretation of the trash compactor scene from Star Wars!

Look at all the x-wing canopies!

Look at the hideous beast ready to drag you under and drown you!

Jazz Stash Bedroom Shelf For Teenagers

Stash your jazz mags away in safety!

72 degrees Bedroom Shelf For Teenagers - Gizmodo

And, the coolest "car" in the world...

It can do 280mph on a "part throttle". I want. :)

To carry on the robot theme

Has everybody seen the new Asimo that runs?