Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sparky The Geordie Budgie

Panda painted onto single hair

Clive's tortoise dies at age 255

Spiders web after rain

Tongue-twisting budgie is CD star. The linguistic skills of a Geordie budgie that died more than 40 years ago have been immortalised on a CD published by the British Library.
Sparky lived in Newcastle until 1962 and had a repertoire of more than 500 words and 380 sentences. His stuffed remains are on show at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle, where visitors hear examples of his mimicry.

Antcam - Natural History Museum. Great.

British Big Cats Society

Meow Mix. The first ever restaurant for cats.

Top 10 Strangest Animals

More Skateboarding Dog

Fighting The International Dog Meat Trade (via)


bungers said...

I remember that crazy budgie!

You used to press a big brass button and it played one of his phrases!

NL trip to the shrine of Sparky anyone? ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

You had better hurry up if you want to go there as it's shutting for 3 years very soon. It's being extended to include the other museums around the area. it looks like it will be evn better when it gets re-opened