Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Lego stuff... The Stormchasers Flagship Tamar

Stormchasers Flagship Tamar
Originally uploaded by Brickenrocker.
Stormchasers Flagship Tamar

The Stormchasers, led by Dr. Spamcake, seek out interstellar energy to create the ultimate unobtanium, spamcake.

This is a pretty cool photostream. :)


ILuvNUFC said...

I thought you wanted the icons link restored?

mmChronic said...

Bungers is always whinging for stuff then never using them when he gets them.

I think it's a method of not posting ie I can't post becasue this doesn't work. Probably. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

Hmm. Lazy monkey.
I'm contemplating quitting this place.

bungers said...

Bah! I use icons in most of my posts...

Like this one:

Surely posting a nice picture means that I don't *have* to use an icon do I?

I even added some icons to someone else's post the other day!

mmChronic said...

To be fair to Senor Bung, he's posting almost daily now. That was a tongue in cheek comment from me above....

As for not using icons on posts with pictures - in the olden days when I used to post here(!) the icons were
a) a way of putting tag link in easily
b) a New Links LnF thing

and not just a cheap way of adding pics to a post - so IMO even a pic post would have an icon. But hey it's got nowt to do with me. ;)

Woo - Oblivion out today. So I'll not even have time for commenting in a sarky fashion anymore.

bungers said...