Thursday, August 26, 2004

The big New Links broadband debate part 3564732

Just as well that I didn't wade in and buy broadband last night. If you've been following our FFXI thread (and countless  others over the last couple of months) I'm now ready to upgrade to the loveliness of broadband. It had come down to either Tiscali (£25, 512kbps, uncapped), or BT (£25, 512kbps, rumoured to be uncapped, but advertised as capped at a gig, but with the advantages of being all on one bill).

Earlier in the week Wanadoo cut monthly charges for 1Mbps ADSL broadband to £17.99. From today, I can order Plusnet's 1Mbps service for only £14.99. It's capped at a gig, but each additional gig is only £1.75. They're also offering a 2Mbps product at £19.99 per month including 2GB of downloads, with an additional £2 per gigabyte. Game, on?


ILuvNUFC said...

Caps Shmaps! I have downloaded 4G in 3 days.
Go for the uncapped every time.

Merg said...

Yeah, caps are evil.

But they're likely to be on everyone's broadband soon enough.

BT aren't enforcing caps yet. That'll start in January.

Tiscali will likely introduce caps soon enough -- they were one of the first to do it with dial-up!

I still say Zen are the one to go for if you're going ADSL. Yeah, they cost a little more. But they're solid, and they guarentee no contention.

The "all on one bill" thang always struck me as ludicrous.

BTW, 1gig for £1.75 is NOT a bargain. It's incredibly expensive.

To put it in context, if you download a CD-full of stuff, that's around 700meg. And it'll be billed at the full gig, of course.

The 30gig cap I could probably live with... anything less is evil, frankly.

ILuvNUFC said...

Freeserve/wannadoo or whatever put a cap on the deal i have 1 week after i signed up and now they are trying to trick me into signing up for a "better deal" eg cap.
Sneaky fsckers.

Merg said...

Sounds typical... tho' eventually they will "phase out" your current connection and either just change you over to our "best value package" or send you a list saying "which do you want" -- that's what ISPs have done in the past.

Openworld's done the same with me. I've had ADSL with them for years now (since before any other ISPs were a realistic offering... ie few offered it and those that did cost a tenner more), and it's always been uncapped. But as of January, I have 15gig/month cap.

I'll be changing RSN. Just waiting to see if there's any better deals a la 1meg/month appearing.