Wednesday, June 09, 2004

One for Bungers

Dogs has just been over to my house and read the stuff about cheap broadband. Cheeky fscker using the place like a tinterweb cafe. He should go to the library with the rest of the proles. ;)

Anyway his recommendation if you are going for ADSL is PlusNet but he also pointed out ADSLguide where you can do comparative tests of various providers. He was also on a page which had a list of the top 10 ISPs for May and Zen, as recommended by Merg, was at 2nd place edging out PlusNet which came 5th.

I'll stick with Blueyonder for my 3/4Mb (768Kb/s or 96KB/s) uncapped (for now!) goodness thank you. :)

The Commercial Manager should be looking into broadband reselling opportunities if he's any good! ;)


bungers said...

This dial up is driving me insane. Will check them in the morning. Thanks for the recommendations!

New Links Broadband service...? What, an engineer who comes round your house, argues with you, tells you your computer is crap and then laughs at you...? I think you might be on to something... ;)

mmChronic said...

You forgot the 'charge the suckers a fortune' bit.

ILuvNUFC said...

Just watched that big brother clip off supernova and no it does'nt get any better after about 15 minutes

mmChronic said...

Can't wait for the next shock horror leak. yawn yawn.