Monday, June 28, 2004

Evil Animal Alphabet

Teach your kids their ABC's with the help of this animal alphabet flash anim. These images will be seared onto the child's mind forever thus making it one of the best ways of learning the alphabet known to science. Probably.

via b3ta again. Still I'll not feel guilty as we aren't as bad as the other sites that dump the whole newsletter as multiple posts every week and never credit them. Lazy fsckers.


Merg said...

Bah, what a missed opportunity.

X should, of course, have been X-parrot ...

(ObPedantry: Yes, I know it's "Ex-", but that doesn't start with an "X")

mmChronic said...

I was wondering what they would do for X but your suggestion would have been better than what was used.

I'm off to do Animal Alphabet v2.