Saturday, June 19, 2004

Looks like GMail won then

There's a piece on Slashdot about the frenzy of activity surrounding Gmail. There are some very good links in the piece but there was an extra special link buried in there. Unfortunately it's now slashdotted so I've put the link here so we can check it out later.

We were bickering mass debating on here the other day about which mail service was the better one Yahoo or GMail. The general consensus was that Yahoo was still slightly ahead due solely to the fact it had new mail notification on the desktop. It seems someone called Elias Torres has written a little app called GTray that supplies that very functionality for GMail. Due to the slashdotting I haven't been able to try it out but no doubt it will get mirrored somewhere soon. I'll post a link if I find one. Here's a link to Google cache of the page so you can at least read a bit more about it.

If GTray works it could be a case of so long and thanks for all the spam Yahoo.

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ILuvNUFC said...

I dsicovered that i had my 100mb the day after we talked about it.My Yahoo account is full of spam but that is because i've used it on most sites to register and it's up on my website too.