Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Can't poop, won't poop?

but may not be particularly good either!Here comes the science bit...Exceedingly Excremental, Staggeringly Stoolish, Positively Pooey etc etcThen New Links to the rescue once more. We've brokered a special deal as part of our new commercial awareness and have arranged for you to have some free laxatives.

Only drawback is they can only be delivered to a US address but as Dogs pointed out before that could be argued to be 'the world'. If they don't go for that I'm sure Merg will arrange for deliveries etc and bring us a big bag o' laxatives back from Amerkia.

via Sciatica


Dogs said...

Nice icon combo work

mmChronic said...

Using our handy Scientist cum Arse Doctor iconage!