Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Links galore

Seems like it's been a bit quiet in here today. I've been to Whitley Bay today. A lovely day in the sun. Tomorrow is my birthday and the first day of conker season, according to ILuvNUFC junior, so you probably won't hear from me tomorrow either as we are off to Jesmond Dene. So here is a nice pile of rubbish from me to keep you going. I'm sure you lot will can manage without the family wit as i think our kid mmChronic is away for a few days as well. ;)
Speaking of absentees, has anyone seen our Dogs?

- Especially for Bungers... How to be a Ninja, part one - the costume
- and another for Bungers Helmets from around the world - snigger.
- The Coca-Cola timeline - Over 100 years of gut rot.
- Tornado videos
- Remember the Magic Eye craze of the 90's? Here is the homepage. I know it's about 10 years late but i've spent about half of that time trying to work them out. I rarely could.
- How drunk am I?
- Cat town. Picture stories of cats. Dressed up. Strange.
- Hand knitted superhero costumes
- Ever fancied climbing Mount Everest? Now you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Class.
- Your monkey wants a tab. NOW.
- Famous people who kill. Never saw our Patrick Kluivert in there.
- Monkey images
- Especially for our US visitors Big John toilet seat. :)
- One for Dogs. Fish posters of the world
- One for Mergs? pubsub
- What happens if I...
- One for everyone Spyware resources

Thanks to milkandcookies, coolios and weirdlinks,


Merg said...

I think a Man U blog's signed Dogs for an undisclosed fee (rumoured to be three tins of Pedigree chum -- two now and one at the end of the season.)

ILuvNUFC said...

:) ROFL.
Don't forget a percentage of the sales of tuna paste.

Was that pubsubs of any interest to you?

Merg said...

I only had a quick peer at it, but it might be interesting... the problem I forsee is the feeds apparently deliver vast chunks of text in the "description" section of the RSS feeds it supplies -- that won't work well with my small 9-or-so line desription box on the current version.

Even if I implemented an auto-scroll for "bigger" descriptions I don't think it'd work well...

Still, might be decent for snarfing headlines on, say, the toon.

I'll re-evalute it when I've solved the "how to deal with zillions of feeds" problem. My current test version of the code has a lot more feeds installed but it makes it a bit of a pain to find what you want... I'm trying to work out how to minimize the hassle, tho I think that'll be for the next revision.

Thanks for the pointer to that site btw, I'd not seen it before. :)

mmChronic said...

Quiet? Looks like the bloody place has died. I can't leave it alone for 5 minutes. ;)

I am on the best campsite in the world. It has a pub with very cheap steampowered interweb access. So I'm sitting with a pint of Stella browsing the web very slowly. Does me. :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Are we going to get a where in the world picture?

Merg said...

Aha... that explains why you've not answered your email today then :p

mmChronic said...

You may get a WITW in town tomorrow so I can get my laptop on the net - this box hasn't got Hello (or anything!) installed.

I've just read your mail Merg - will have a squint in a mo.

bungers said...

Ninja costume is v. funny. I'm off home to make one to wear for work on Friday's "dress down day"..