Thursday, August 26, 2004

Star Wars DVD changes!!

Check out what Lucas has changed for the DVD release of the Star Wars Trilogy...

Star Wars - A New Hope

Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

Guaranteed to annoy fanboys the world over!!

UPDATE: More Star Wars DVD changes


mmChronic said...

I looked at few of the New Hope pics and it just looks better - ie CGI rerendered and matted with original footage.

Most of the new bits seem to have already appeared in the Special Edition. But you're right - there will be global frothing over this! :)

bryn said...

Hopefully they will do something similar to the new ones [eps 1-3] when they get re-released on dvd and digitally erase jarjar!

bungers said...

It just looks like it's in higher resolution. Oh, and it's had some <font face="empire"> applied to it. Big deal. I'll still buy it.

mmChronic said...

Yay to erasing Jar Jar.

And I'll borrow it off you then Bungers. :)

bryn said...

I never said i wasnt gonna buy it.
damn, ive been on the pre-order list since Greedo fired first!!

mmChronic said...

That was a cack change - though Lucas claims that was meant all along it just never came across properly in the cinema release!?!?

bungers said...

</groan> hehehe.. Is it Mallrats where Jay and Silent Bob have a discussion about Greedo firing first..?

Or is that the one where they go on about the Construction workers who die when the second death star is destroyed? Genius... =)

bryn said...

Its in Clerks. Along with the deathstar construction worker discussion.
great film BTW.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pedantic says:
"Its actualy the characters Dante and Randall that have the above mentioned conversations in the Kevin Smith film 'Clerks'"