Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions 2005

I resolved years ago to never make New Year's Resolutions ever again as they are invariably broken by January 3rd. But I'm breaking that one just like all the ones that went before. I have however got a very good reason - it's for the purpose of link whorage from Technorati!

They have a New Year's Resolutions 2005 page and if you post your resolution and link to that page then you will see your link there. So here's a couple of resolutions for New Links this year.
  1. Threaten Bungers with knives when something is due/overdue
  2. Move to a paid for blog with extra features - I think we've pushed the free envelope as far as possible with this site! More news on that in the early new year. This will of course mean taking adverts for crotchless knickers and dog food etc to pay the bills.
  3. Can't think of anything else as we are the bestest blog in the world already. Probably.
Any more? Stick them in the comments.

PS Talking of link whorage - how come not one of our myriad of avid readers has nominated us for this? Pah! I don't know - we skive work all day to bring you top linkage and for what? Nothing it seems. I'm off to work for the Guardian.


bryn said...

Im gonna try and post more often.

bungers said...

I might get the tunnel report out in 2005....

ILuvNUFC said...

Did someone just see a pig fly past?

mmChronic said...

Don't worry - my first resolution should take care of that. ;)

Merg said...

New years revolution?

Count me in.

Where do we storm first?