Thursday, December 30, 2004

Stop Blogging And Go Outside

The BBC has a little mini review of the year including the question 'Was this the year of the blog?'. Their conclusion? Not really.

They thought blogs served a useful purpose in countries with little freedom of expression and the rest of the article is mainly about bloggers selling out and become part of the media 'they despise'. Whores. I would like to point out at this juncture that any income I derive from my gardening column in the Newcastle Herald and Post is entirely unrelated. Probably.

Oh and we're all lazy buggers apparently.
In any case, as bloggers rarely go out and about, many of those who comment on the world at large get their information from mainstream news sources.

Phew - that's a bit of a sweeping generalisation from the beeb. I'm off for a lie down.


ILuvNUFC said...

Cheeky Monkeys!
Saying us bloggers never go out. I went to the corner shop on Boxing day.
And it was closed so i went back later when it was open.
So that's twice in one day i went out the other day.

mmChronic said...

I went to a pub just outside York and to Harrogate (lots of clothes shops but fsck all to eat! We ended up buying stuff from Sainsburys and eating in the car park!) on Monday to pick up Zera Sr to bring her back home. I've also been crashing all around the world in Burnout 3 for the last few days. Does that count?

All these must be made up.

Merg said...

I wasn't even in this *country* for 3 months of 2004. I'm pretty sure that's "outside".

The BBC also wouldn't know a blog from a cheese-shop.

BTW, if anyone's willing to pay me for doing NL full-time (together with the rest of the gang) then we're open to offers. Integrity? Accusations of prostituting our talent? Who cares -- just give us cash and lots of it!

Not that I think we're replacing here. They don't have a cool logo like wot we does!

mmChronic said...

I too would like to add my name to Merg's prozzie posse. I'll happily live the life of a writer instead of working for a living. How many books is our deal for?