Friday, December 17, 2004

Follow up : Game of the Year - 2004

Proof that the xBox has been the gamer's choice over the 'cube and the PS2 (bar GTA : SA of course.. ;)?

Chiggedy ch-ch-check out GameSpy's top 10 for xBox here and here are the PC games of the year too.


Merg said...

Sid Meier's Pirates? City of Heroes? World of Warcraft? Tiger Woods? The Sims 2? You've got to be fsckin'kidding me. (and the irony of about half the Xbox top 10 came out on the PC in a superior form, and didn't make it...)

Xbox top 10 is sequel-city, I see. Pandora Tomorrow is a particularly ludicrous nomination, IMO. It's a good game, sure... but it's the same game as Splinter Cell... feh.

... and for further proof the PC selection is a joke, they picked The Sims 2 as "Best PC Strategy Game"
And how much did they under-rate Far Cry by? Personally, I think it's more fun than HL2, albeit it not quite as technically advanced (tho' there ain't much in it...).

Surprised there's no mention of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within for either, though...


mmChronic said...

Bah humbug. ;)

The thing about the list I'm most disappointed about is Bungers was going to list the games and link them to Amazon. Promises, promises.

KOTOR2 looks like very little has been added over KOTOR - the reviews bang on about better story development. Where's the new features? It's a full price data disc. Greedy fsckers.

Merg said...

Indeed -- but their PC selection IS awful, and almost all their Xbox choices are sequels... and some seem quite iffy choices at that.

Basically, it confirms what I've said for years -- Gamespy don't know sheee-it about games :>

mmChronic said...

Just had a look at the PC ones. Yep - full of cack. How the fsck did Sims 2 get rated best strategy game (leaving out the fact it's not very strategic) in the year Rome:TW comes out?

There *are* a lot of sequels in the Xbox list but I wouldn't say there are many dodgy ones - most of them are good games.

Merg said...

It seems we're out of touch -- here's IGN's Best of 2004 PC games list -- and it's the same list, pretty much.

As for the Xbox games - yeah, those sequels were good games -- just as they were in 2002/2003 when they first came out ;)

It seems a disease coming to the fore that "sequel" really means "expansion disk at full price", especially on the consoles...

Bungers, fancy editting this entry to add the IGN list to it? It hardly seems worth sticking it in its own entry, and I didn't like to highjack your post :)

bryn said...

Have you heard any ps2 owner braying for a halo2 convertion?
How about xboxers with San An?

Merg said...

Yes, and yes. So we conclude that... people liked those games.

(of course, GTA:SA will make the Xbox at some point, like the prequels did... Halo2 on the PS2? No chance.)

I'm lost as to what that has to do with the rest of the discussion though...

mmChronic said...

I haven't brayed. I know the conversion is coming - and I'm sure I read somewhere this is the last ps2 'exclusive' version.

Having said that once the ps2 shortage (or Christmas price fixing) is over in the new year I might be tempted yet. :)

Merg said...

A laptop, Xbox, Gamecube and GBA just isn't enough gaming goodness for you? :)

mmChronic said...

Oh - I forgot to mention Myst being mentioned in the PC list at least twice. WTF? It's a slideshow not a game.

So what's everyone's nominations for their own All Platform GOTY? Mine are R:TW followed by Halo 2.

And briefly borrowing Bungers' mystic powers my prediction for next year's (if it gets released next year) is this. Which nearly everyone else on here will hate! Probably. ;)

mmChronic said...

There's always room for more gaming hardware. ;)

Merg said...

Tough choice.

I suspect a deluge of GTA:SA votes from certain quarters... ;)

The new Riddick game has to be a contender, IMO. Far Cry and HL2 were both stunning. PES4 is the best footy game yet, despite lacking a license for the Premiership (and resulting in the toon being "Tyneside" playing at the "Tyneside Stadium" ... happily there's fan-done patch out to correct this) ... Call of Duty: Unlimited Offensive is a decent expansion disk with a superb MP element ... and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is a Damn Fine[tm] "action RPG" type title. With vampires. How can that not be good? (okay, it could be a little more optimized, but ... )

And the new Prince of Persia installment was a top title, too, IMHO.

And the little-known Gish has to be one of the most original games I've seen in ages! <g>

Mind you... I think the game I played most this year was the now-venerable Civ 3 ;)

Merg said...

Does Lisa know that? :>

mmChronic said...

I'm getting PES4 for Xbox for Christmas. The licence stuff is a shame but the game is supposed to be brilliant. So that might get into my list soon. :)

No doubt GTA:SA will be popular - but it does look very good. Not as good as it'll look on the other platforms when the conversion comes out mind. ;)

Lisa asked if I wanted a ps2 for Christmas so I think it's safe to say yes.

Merg said...

I agree, GTA:SA looks good, albeit more of the same only bigger. The graphical improvements of course won't apply to the other versions, since they already had a decent draw-distance, etc. Once it's available with mouse control for the run-around bits I'll check it out.

Nothing will ever convince me first/third person games work well with a joypad -- the only one I've ever found really playable was Goldeneye on the N64 and I still wished it was mouse-and-keyboard in the grand PC tradition. Oddly, I fould the pseudo-sequel from Rare to be much less playable... the name escapes me but I think you had it? hm... Perfect Dark, maybe?

mmChronic said...

It was indeed Perfect Dark. I thought that was playable with pads.

There was a GoldenEye game out recently - but that was supposed to be very bad.

bungers said...

I bet you don't even invert your mouse Merg... you know I bet you're a push up to look up person aren't you...??

Merg said...

Of course I am - I'm not flying a bloody aeroplane!

(and if I was playing such a game, I'd use my joypad).