Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First Dump Of DS Rom

The very first ROM for the DS has been dumped. Someone called DarkFader has dumped Metroid. He hasn't released the ROM into the wild but listed the directory listing in a thread as proof.

The dumping of the ROM isn't just good news for pirates - it's good news for people who want to develop on them. By disassembling the contents of the ROM it will be possible to figure out how certain things work and this info will be dumped in the public domain.

The actual thread announcing the dump is at which I can highly recommend visiting if you are even half interested in console coding. I found a lot of tools and info on GBA programming there. I suspect I may be spending some more time there in teh near future. Now where can I get a Nintendo DS in Newcastle?

via Waxy


bungers said...

DS...?? Who wants a DS...?

Check the engadget stories about getting a DS and getting a psp. You know what surprised me the most? How small the PSP actually is! Check out this picture, that compares it to all the other handhelds of days gone by, and tell me that you don't want one even more!

Look! You can buy a PSP on e-bay for $50!!

And look at how much fun you can have h4x0ring it too!

mmChronic said...

Erm... me?

I wouldn't mind a PSP too as I am not a platform specific fanboi.

I would mind buying a black cardboard box for $50. ;)

Merg said...

Only geeks ever rave about how small something is... :>

As for the PSP... I don't want one. Don't really want a DS either though. I had the original chunky gameboy years ago, and found the only time I ever really played it was at home anyway, soo...