Thursday, December 30, 2004

Galagon 2004

Here's an online clone of Galaga called Galagon 2004 which I thought was a nice follow on to the video game classics bit yesterday.

No doubt this will be written off as boring too. Tsk tsk - kids these days. Give 'em a taste of the birch I say.

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Merg said...


Ban 'em, say I.

Not the ones already here, obviously, since that would upset lots of people and have NSPCCC, Amesty International and Toys R Us baying for my blood, wanting me thrown in jail or even forced to spend the rest of my life in a house with Noel Edmonds (Amnesty Int'l knows all the really vicious tortures).

No, just the new ones. I mean... they're basically just a) a skive for parents to get vast amounts of extra leave, b) an excuse for the puritan control freaks to try and ban anything and everything they don't like (Yet "won't somebody think of the children" always sounded more likely to appeal to a kiddie-fiddler to me...) and the reason evil companies put vast amounts of advertising on allegedly kids movies like "The Incredibles" which annoys me endlessly. Especially the 5 minute long Robinsons "Get Good" ad.

We don't need them. What's that you say? Taxes and pensions? Ah, but we've got immigrants for that! It'll solve the immigration problem too! And, of course, lower the tax bill in general -- no more child benefit or childhood diseases! Plus, with all the jobs either going abroad or being done by computer/robot, it will prevent unemployment (though we do need to think of a way to make robots pay taxes...).

And all those lay-about teachers would have to get proper jobs instead of working hardly any hours, spending their time at school in the staff-room drinking and smoking and having months of holiday time each year! C'mon, you remember what they were like -- and they're worse now, they get *assistants*!

In fact, institute an IQ test as part of the immigration process and we hugely improve the country!

Not to mention it'll keep the bars free of under-age brats getting smashed on cheap cider, and prevent all crappy boy bands and Britney types, since they're all about 8yr-old appeal. See how many problems it solves?

In fact, I shall stand for Parliament on just this premise. Wonder if I can get The Sun's support... perhaps if I also have mandatory unpaid employment for 5yr olds and no income taxes for those earning over £1mil/year...

Right, I'm off to read 1984 and some Goebbels.

Merg said...

P.S. Peace and goodwill to everyone!

mmChronic said...

Yay for Nazi like breeding policies! ;)

I reckon people with children should get more tax rebates. It coss a fortune in video games to keep them happy these days.