Thursday, December 23, 2004

Jesus Dress Up

The Jesus Dress Up site lets you dress Jeebus in a variety of clothes by dragging them on his body. Even better the clothes are Christmas themed at the minute so you can dress him up as Santa or an elf. There are some very funny touches like the gloves all have nails in them for that authentic crucified look.

When you get bored of dressing Jesus you can read the hatemail the author gets from outraged Jeebusians.

via Grow A Brain


Merg said...

I just got around to reading the hate mail... oh man, it's hilarious.

I particularly enjoyed the email telling the author (a man who obviously doesn't share their beliefs) that he's going to hell (a place he presumably doesn't believe in) for taking the piss out of God (whose existence the author doubts).

Then there's the people who plan to complain to... someone. God, perhaps?

I've often wondered how Christans manage to come to terms with the "in his image" thang, since that must mean God does indeed have a sense of humour. Then I remember that most Christians don't have one either, and it all becomes clear...

mmChronic said...

I liked the one about him not being 'important enough' to bother Jeebus. I thought Jeebus loved everyone thus they'd all be important surely?

I saw something the other week about some US prison officer who a part of his job had to meet the prison chaplanis of varios faiths. In particular he went on about the Muslim cleric and about him admitting that all infidels should die and other tosh. He then finished with a 'See they're out to kill us all'. Rich coming from a devotee of a religion that killed and tortured millions (usually Christians from a different sect - Protestants vs Catholics anyone?) whilst spreading the 'Love of God'.

Merg said...

Ah, but didn't you know that God is Love and Jeebus Loves You and Only God Shall Judge, and Forgiveness is a basic tenet of faith?

And that's why we see variously the wars, the persecutions, the screams for the death penalty, etc. in the name of The Lord God. Obviously.

But you must respect their faith!


Y'know... I can respect the people I consider true Christians, the ones who genuinely show love and kindness for others, who don't judge, who practice humility, and who try to make the world a better place.

It's just a shame there's so very, very few of that time vs the ultra-judgemental want-to-censor-the-world everyone-MUST-believe types who practice so much hate...

And, with the attendant irony only partially intentional,

Merry Christmas!