Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's SAGANAKI and NAGASAKI! No it's not, it's RMS again!

A little photo montage for Merg...

RMS in the Tora Bora hills trying to locate that other hairy cave dweller.

And here's RMS in the bath! Does he ever leave his laptop alone...?

RMS, his buddy and some miner chap...

..and this must be his car!

Careful if you see it heading towards you at high speed Merg. The licence plate is 320-FCA. Just in case.

And here's the mang hacking in a cave with what looks like a labrador with horns behind him.

You can clearly see his helmet in that photo. Parp!


Merg said...

I thought we'd agreed not to put pics of tats on the front page so people could read NL at work?

I see your genrontophilia knows no bounds...

mmChronic said...

Is that a love of elderly ex-Enron employees? ;)

And what's Stallman doing in a cave with a horned beast? And does Jeff Minter know?

Merg said...

LOL. Quite.

I wouldn't object to pics of Yak. He's only slightly better looking than Stallman, but unlike Stallman he's given me many hours of pleasure (oo-er) via his wonderful games.

Stallman's just someone I alternately laugh at and get pissed off at. I blame him personally for the rise of the GPL zealots though, and they're incredibly obnoxious people. I used to work with one, and I came very, very close to murder. Trust me, if I'd had a tape recording there, no court would have convicted. As it was, the entire office (who could overhear the argument between us) bawled "oh, shut up Phil".

(for those that care, it was an argument over the (as then) SPARCWorks C compiler vs GCC 2.something and why I should use the latter over the former despite it generating absolutely *abysmal* code for the SPARC)