Friday, January 28, 2005

New IE Security News Group Launches

There's been an announcement on the IE blog that a new IE security news group launches and it's called But that's not the interesting read - check out the sarky comments on the post and I'm sure these will be added to during the day.

Some of my favourites so far:
Oh, I use FireFox. You guys dropped the ball on that security thing a LONG time ago. Too little, too late, folks.

Hi, can you make IE as secure as firefox?

Shouldn't be too hard right, since you guys have like 30 billion dollars? ... and mozilla has ... 2 ... million?


I found a security flaw where IE accidentally loses massive amounts of market share every time I launch it.

via Waxy

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Merg said...

Oooh... a news group!

That'll make it safer!

How about microsoft.public.internetexplorer.renderhtmlproperly so that we can be sarky about the awful rendering too?