Friday, January 28, 2005

The Joys of Sex Hex Caffeine

In case you hadn't noticed, ILN has been moonlighting for another site, and it's rather good™. Here are The Joys of Caffeine

Here's one for mmChronic....
"The closest you get to Starbucks in Oslo, is a chain of coffee shops called Kaffebrenneriet (The Coffee Roastery). Their greatest product is called Tors Hammer (hammer of Thor), which is a double espresso topped off with a cup of brewed coffee. Now that is pure devotion."

Maybe you should try your coffee with the 'new age' sounds of Nils-Ole Finbak here.

He's from Bodø, Norway and writea and records music in his spare time. As Nils says, "this is done at my home in "Down in the Cellar Studios"!".

His site is set up with something called Soundclick, and it's pretty cool. I've set up a page for my band, and as soon as I can convert my WAV files to mp3 and then cut them down to a more managable size, I'll post the link!

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mmChronic said...

If your mp3s don't include the 'fsck a dog' cover I'm not interested. ;)