Thursday, January 27, 2005

Strangely Coloured Nintendo DS On Sale

... for about $5000 ...
A trio of oddly colored Nintendo DSs sparked a celebrity bidding war at the Sundance Film Festival. Comedian Jay Mohr, actress Poppy Montgomery and actor Alan Cumming dropped a combined $14,000 for the three double-sided handhelds of gaming goodness.
All for char-i-dee, you understand.


Dogs said...

I saw a PSP running some Gran Turismo style title in Game this morning. Extremely impressive sharp, bright, big display and the game itself wouldn't have looked out of place on a PS2. The bloke behind the counter claims it blows DS out the water and I believe him.

Merg said...

... except on battery life and build quality.

The PSP launch has been plauged by problems, and when gaming the batteries last 3.5 - 4 hours on "action" titles. For movies, they last around 90 minutes.

Kinda defeats the point of a portable system...

The build quality's down to Sony's usual abysmal standards, apparently, with the case feeling delicate, being very easy to scratch and having air bubbles in the screen of many a PSP. Quite a few shipped with dead pixels and Sony isn't (currently) replacing them unless there's certain number.

Some other systems with better hardware and displays but poorer battery life than the then-current Nintendo system: Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear, NEC Turbo GrafX, Sega Nomad.

Now, I've no doubt the PSP will be a success despite that -- after all, Sony's managed to sell the utterly abysmal PS2 to countless millions. Marketing works, sadly.

I wasn't going to bring up the PSP at all, but since you did n' all.

Yes, the hardware's better, but why is it anytime someone mentions DS there's someone on about the PSP?

Is the market only allowed one system? (BTW, DS has been sold out for weeks now. It's already a success.)

BTW, sure the game you saw wasn't Ridge Racers? It's one of the launch titles...

mmChronic said...

It's 5 dead pixels before Sony will swap it.

I quite fancy both systems - but the DS will be first. I *know* there will be some excellent handheld games for it as Nintendo have a strong history in that arena and I like their games.

The PSP should have plenty of good stuff out for it but I'll wait for at least the second revision - there are loads of problems with the initial run. Hopefully they get it right second time around.

Dogs said...

Might have been RR.

Battery life won't bother me too much. I'd only use one when stuck on a train or in a hotel so, assuming it has an AC adapter...

Not really bothered about DS vs PSP fanboy arguments - just thought I'd mention I'd seen a PSP and it looks very impressive.

Merg said...

I've never understood the "battery life doesn't matter" argument for a portable, since tying it to a cord just means it's... not very portable.

For a hotel room you might as well take an Xbox and play on the telly...

It's why the Lynx etc. all died, despite being vasty better than the original (chunky) Gameboy. The Lynx in particular was nice, and was of course the child of the late great Jay Miner.

5 dead pixels? Yegods. even the big TFT makers are starting to exchange for any!

Merg said...

Forgot to mention, I'm not bothered by the fanboy arguments either, I'm just sick of threads everywhere discussing the DS being constantly highjacked by the "PSP is better" crowd. Like wot you did.

mmChronic said...

The 5 pixels thing was on on their news page - so they've obviously had complaints about it. It does seem a bit tight on Sony's part.

My GBC was bought mainly for hotels when I used to do the hotel thang and was used on a mains lead. I wouldn't like to try sticking an Xbox in my bag with all the other shiat I actually needed then travel by train. I did take a PSX away a couple of times but even that was a PITA.

I reckon it was fair comment on the PSP though - I would have mentioned it whilst on the general topic of handhelds if I'd just seen one. We have been a lot more OT in comments before now. ;)

Dogs does however deserve to be whipped soundly for believing anything a 'retail assistant' tells him.

Merg said...

As I said, I'm sick of DS threads everywhere being highjacked. Look around t' intarw3b, you'll see what I mean... or check out 1Up's alleged DS game *reviews* for it! (it's so bad on some game sites, I have to wonder if they're being paid for it... I mean, okay, we get it, the PSP's more powerful, but how about, you know, reviewing the DS game on its merits as a fscking DS game?)

And "blows it out of the water" is very much fanboi language.

My now-ancient semi-broken (a couple of lines of pixels on the display no longer work -- it's about 12 years old!) original chunky grey/beige-ish GB was used mostly when travelling on trains/busses/planes/etc. ( 2 player Micromachines and Tetris at 35,000 feet was fun) and the widely reported 3.5-4hrs battery life - for me, at least - is a joke. I'd say the same for Nintendo (but the DS is 10-12hrs with backlight and about 18hrs without it, apparently -- it's actually better than the GBA SPs!).

The other reason I loved my chunky GB was Zelda. Great game.

mmChronic said...

I did use the GBC as a portable too (and still play lots of games in a portable stylee) but it was bought with 5 days in a hotel in Salford (or Leeds or [add the dreary place that is not home of your choice here]). Beat the shite out of walking around trying to find summat to do.

The blow out of the water was a direct quote from a fanboi shop assistant which is surely the worst kind as they sucker some unsuspecting mother into buying tat for their kids just because they love it.

I still think it was as relevant to the original post though - regardless of fanboi flame wars out there on the interweb. Like I say if I'd just seen a PSP in action I would have mentioned it here too (and I want a DS more than I want a PSP) just because it was ooh toy and the post was another toy. Tenous but hey this is NewLinks - home of dribbling wibble. :)

mmChronic said...

Almost forgot - handheld Zelda is possibly the finest way to while away a few hours travelling. But then I liked the Pokemon series too so I wouldn't pay too much attention to me. ;)

Merg said...

Well, you'd have gotten ranted at as well then :p

I'm not exactly known for restraint (and Bungers friends and family are about to disappear).

I've not played any of the handheld Zelda versions since the original B&W Link to the Past (there's been what, the DX remkae, plus at least one other remake and Minish Cap?), but LTTP was a superb game.

I can't stand Pokemon cartoons etc. so I've never played the GB version really...

Original GB Tetris is another superb version of a superb game -- probably the best version ever. A tiny (8K?) card on a 3.5MHz CPU in 4 colours...

bungers said...

<flame on!!!>

mmChronic said...

And we would have mass debated all day. ;)

There was another good handheld Zelda - can't remember name but it you switched back and forth into the parallel universe sort of. Or was that the remake? And there was Oracle Of Seasons and Four Swords. If you get a DS you have a lot of Zelda catching up to do! ;)

Tetris is/was a classic game. Though modern variants have spoiled it with gimmicky addons and things. Plain simple Tetris is perfect.

I HATE the Pokemon cartoon. And the stickers. And the playing cards. And every other bit of the whole Pokemon phenomenon - except some of the games. The GBC/GBA ones were fairly decent little rpg's with lovely battling action. Pokemon Snap on the N64 was fun too.

Merg said...

Having seen the new Fantastic Four trailer, I'm willing to believe you could well be the Human Torch.

If not, I've got some petrol and a box of matches.... :>

Merg said...

Aye... the original GB Tetris was pretty much perfect as a version of Tetris.

I think Four Swords is a remake of the SNES game with something extra -- doesn't it add some sort of multiplayer game?

Other than that, I dunno. There's just so many video games I can keep up with -- I think I do pretty damn' well as it is, considering all the techy crap I read and all the boobies icons and bizarre sex-related stories I post ;)

Thinking on it more, I think I tried the original Pokemon game and just couldn't get terribly interested in it... I didn't hate it so much as just didn't find it terribly compelling...

The very fact the DS plays GBA games as well as DS games is one of the things that makes it so tempting, IMHO. Not only will it get some top games -- Nintendo kit always has, and the DS is the world's fastest selling console ever (before its launch, the GBA held that title) but it has a huge back-catalogue of GBA games to choose from (and the GBA's still selling well in its own right). Nicer screen than the GBA SP, too.

I dunno... I'll see -- I nearly bought an original GBA... and I nearly got an SP, too!

mmChronic said...

Getting closer every time - go for it! Then I can have a go and see what it's like! ;)

Four Seasons can be played as a 4 player multiplay thing where you compete to pick up the jewels and stuff.

The Pokemon games were great fun but I'm sure you remember me raving about them on GBC :)

I feel I should point out that I didn't catch 'em all. I just finished the story part of the game and moved on.

As I said before you know with Nintendo that you are guaranteed some killer games - I can't wait! :)

Merg said...

Yeah... the amount of time I spent playing Mario Kart on my SNES is downright scary.

And in a turn-around from us getting screwed by most game companies, Nintendo recoded the PAL version so that despite the differing framerate it runs just as fast as the NTSC version (people who owned NTSC SNES consoles in the UK loved the UK version with an adapter/warez-box because it was as a result of the recoding, even faster than the original Jap/US release -- which was pretty damn quick to start with).

Sadly, I didn't think all that much of the N64 Mario Kart -- it was okayish -- and I'm told the GBA game still isn't up to the sheer fun of the original SNES game.

I've never played the Gamecube offering -- you're the only person I know with a GC and you've not bought it yet, you git!