Friday, January 28, 2005

A HOW-TO Guide especially for Bungers... [NSFW]

... for when [STILL NSFW] he's looking at his pictures of RMS! After all, it MUST be true love for Bungers to post so many pictures of RMS!


bungers said...

Did it take you that long to find that link, or were you too busy trying out said 'techniques'...???

Enquiring minds... ;)

Merg said...

Ah, sorry old chap, but some of us actually go out on an evening. This was seen on irc this morning and deemed perfect for your ... ah ... "inquiring mind".

bungers said...

I went to see Team America : World Police last night actually.

Not as funny as South Park the Movie.

Merg said...

I saw Meet The Fockers. Not as funny as the reviews said it was... it was one of those where you come out and say "well, it was okay I guess...".

Team America just doesn't appeal to me at all for some reason... even though I loved the SP movie.

Everyone I know who's seen TA has been disappointed in it.

mmChronic said...

Sad fsckers going outside for your entertainment kicks! ;)

Last night I was mostly being Tommy Vercetti.

Merg said...

Been there, done that ;)