Wednesday, April 21, 2004

New Darth Vader Costume Shown on DVD

Morning all! Here's a nerdy post for y'all this morning. The new Darth Vader costume for Episode III will be previewed in a special feature on the forthcoming "old skool" Starwars DVD release.

Which leads me on to a picture of a
hottie at a film premiere. (That's a gratuitous b00bie link - but I had to provide balance to the force ;)

Why the picture of the chick? Well, maybe she's got a Bluetooth mobile, and she'd like to have some Bungers romping action! But how will I know...? By
'Toothing' her. It's the latest way of fishing for "hi-tech s3x with strangers". And it works... well the searching about for chicks bit. In Osbournes the other day there was at least three other peeps within 10m with Bluetooth phones. So if you see me hanging around outside Yoga classes, I'm not "perving", I'm "toothing". Sorry, your honour.

Oh yeah... and I've just had another idea! This weeks contest is "Best Ever Music Video™"! As you all know, my entry (phnar, phnar) would have to be Benny Bennazi and "Satisfaction". (NSFdogs'W)

Entries must be submitted to the comments field. Winner will be announced Friday 4.00pm. Have fun!

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