Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Toon's run in

After getting a point against Arsenal at the weekend we've stayed in the race for 4th place. I, like Claudio Ranieri, now concede the title race to Arsenal! Nufc.com have a good page with all the relevant facts about our run in - and those of every other team that is battling for 4th place.

The game was a cracker, not least because the atmosphere was amongst the best I've experienced in ages even though it did tail off a bit occasionally it was still way louder than most games this season. The game was full of good football from both sides, glaring misses from Henry (yay!) & the now obligatory French style cheating you expect from Arsenal. We should probably take it as a compliment that Arsenal felt the need to cheat in such a blatant way to earn a draw but their constant carping at the ref, attempting (and achieving most of the time) to move throwins and free kicks by huge amounts, diving and hacking just showed them up I felt. And how their gay (in the SP sense) keeper managed to remain unpunished, by referee and God, for pushing Shearer back to the ground after he was attempting to get up after a goal mouth pile in is a mystery. 49,000 Geordies saw it but the 3 officials didn't. Durkin the best ref in England my arse. He's just a ginger dwarf.

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