Monday, April 19, 2004

Reclaiming St. George's Day

Yay for St George's Day. Will you be going to one of the many community events that have beem organised to celebrate it? Will you be supping your free pint of English beer sponsored by Nexus? Or perhaps listening to the day long celebrations on the radio and watching pictures of the parades on TV? No & neither will I as there will be none of these things happening.

This could be due to the fact the the flag of St George (the flag of our country) is widely considered to be a racist symbol by the loony left who seem to think national pride is the same as racism. The direct result of this is that the only place you see the flag these days is on an NF march (I hope they enjoyed their bags of piss!) so it's little wonder it is seen as a racist symbol.

I am fiercely proud of being English (and British!) and I am not racist. I don't hate any race or nation purely for their ethnicity or colour. So why can't I celebrate my country's national day? It's about time we had St George's day celebrated and not feared.

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