Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Follow Up: Victoria Tunnel - More Info

SINE has a bit about the construction of the Victoria Tunnel. The North East war diary site dogs posted the other month has more pictures and some background on it's conversion to an air raid shelter - including the information that there is/was an entrance even closer to mine than the Ouseburn entrance is. Will they let me start the tour there? If not I could always buy a local video made by local people (includes free no shouting here) including octogenarian Battlefield residents.

Oh and Grey's Monument tour details here. If I find anything on the Victoria Tunnel tours I'll post it - but the only link found so far brings up an access denied message. Even the Newcastle Tourist Information Office site seems to have nothing about it. It does have a "What's on this week" scrolly window which takes longer than a week to read as it scrolls very slowly. My Council Tax goes on this? I suppose it's better than spending it on compensation claims to people whose allotments got covered in toxic gunk.

Well if that bit of local history linkage and bit of politics at the end there don't get us in the niadurag I'm off to find us some b00bies - at least we'll get in the Daily Sport.