Thursday, March 25, 2004

Read between the lines!!

Nicked this one from Fark, but it's got a mint picture, so I'm not bothered! Simon Cowell gives the other American Idol judges the bird, live on TV, in front of 27 milliooooon viewers. Predictibly, the ol' septic tanks flip out like a bunch of Ninja's... So Simon scores points for:
  1. Flipping the bird
  2. Having a tasty girlfriend
He even has his own fansites!

Did I mention I looooove American's...?? (Fusk it... I'm going for the record!) See we've been getting a lot of traffic from Google lately, and a lot of it's been from the good ol' US of A. See I love lots of american things... after all, they gave us the Hollywood and Carmen Electra. They also invented the SawFish, which is the worlds first underwater chainsaw wielding robot. It cuts down trees that have been submerged under lakes behind dams. Speaking of chainsaw wielders, anyone who's seen the front cover of Edge this month will see they got some coverage of Resident Evil 4 (or Biohazard 4 as it's called in Japan). Capcom established the "survival horror" genre with the release of the first Resi game in 1996. Hand's up if you remember Alone in the Dark - the game that kicked it all off in 1992. And that should put me in the Guinness Book of Records. ;)

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