Friday, July 16, 2004

All about Blogger's post editor

Blogger's Post Editor has been jazzed up (although it doesn't seem to have been extended to the BlogThis window which I'm using now) and has lots of new features.

When I first read about it I couldn't see all the new stuff and, as bhell13 commented, the link and preview bits had disappeared. I tried it in IE in case it was a Firefox problem and the new stuff showed up fine. So I tried again in Firefox, hit refresh a few times and it now appears.

via Sapentium

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bryn said...

Its all working correctly now.
I was worried cos I use IE at work [boo hiss! as we are not allowed to install 3rd party software on our pcs even though IE is doing more more damage than the mighty Firefox would ever do.]
Shame I cant find any good links to blatantly abuse the new blogger functions with.