Monday, July 26, 2004

New Feature

Although I see bhell13 has already discovered. I've changed our visitor online counter. The previous one worked very well and if all you want is a simple visitor count I can't recommend Tagboard's highly enough.

Our new counter though has a few more features. For starters it keeps a permanent record of the high water mark ie the maximum number of people on a site at once. In addition to that with a bit of cookie magic you can see who is online if they setup the their WIP Name. This script is by Bloglog - however the instructions are in Dutch so you will need to run them through Babelfish or something. Or be born in Holland.

via Attu Sees All as this is where I saw it implemented.


Itai Frenkel said...

I am not dutch but I figured out this much:

Weblog naam = Weblog name
Weblog URL = Weblog URL
E-mailadres = E-mail address
Gebruikersnaam = User name
Wachtwoord = Password
karakters = characters
nogmaals = again

Itai Frenkel said...

Once you get an email you will need to configure your counter so it will be in English.

please replace each "(" with "<"
and replace each ")" with ">"

"Naam bezoekers:" visitor(s)
"Tekst bovenaan:" (wipcount) online

"Maximaal aantal bezoekers:"
We had (wipmax) on (wipmaxdag), (wipmaxdateday) (wipmaxdatemnth) (wipmaxdateyr) at (wiptime)

"Wijzig je WIP-naam tekst:"
Change your WIP name

mmChronic said...

Cheers for that Itai. I'd figured it out as you can see from our WIP counter but hadn't got round to posting anything about how it was done so that saves me the bother. ;)

It's definitely worth doing as the Who's Online bit is excellent.