Monday, July 26, 2004

A Case of the Crabs

No b3ta newsletter this week to plunder from as they seem to think just because it's summer they are allowed time off! Pah. Lazy slackers. :)

Anyhoo they've put up a couple of links in lieu of a newsletter and one of them is "A Case of the Crabs" which is a pointy-clicky adventure like Monkey Island. This is a black and white 'film noir' detective story and looks pretty good. It also features Dogs playing Mahjong so it has something for everyone. Well everyone except Dogs himself as it seems a bit light on pr0n.

Oh did I mention it was made by otters? Clever little fsckers.

More free pointy clicky adventure goodness here, here (and again!) and here.

via b3ta


Flip said...

what's a wip name?

is it summat to do with bondage?

if so can I be willy da whipmaster ?

mmChronic said...

Nowt as exciting as that.

If you click the wip name at the top right there, fill in your name and url and then any site that uses the wip counter will show your name (and a link back to your site) when you are on it.

Flip said...

Nice I likes it :P