Friday, July 30, 2004

New Links Fantasy Football League?

It was announced a few weeks ago that 4 parts of the Beeb's internet arm were being closed. One of these was the Fantasy Football site which was a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to the start of a new season.

It turns out that it will be closing at the end of the coming season which means we have a free, decent, online, automatically scored, Fantasy Football game at our disposal. With prizes.

So should we set up a league for the New Links regulars? Leave comments below if you want in - if I get enough positive responses I'll make sure we have a league up and running for the start of the competition on August 28th.


Dogs said...

Count me in. I'll show you how to pick a fitba team.

mmChronic said...

fitba? We don't want shite scotchish teams in!

I was going to put something about all the so called fscking footy experts on here but didn't want to provoke an argument - it's too hot!

So at the very least the rest of you can watch Dogs and I struggle for supremacy as New Links Offical Footy Expert. Yay!

Flip said...

Count me in!

Euro 2004 sun dream team 75th place finisher hoohaah!

mmChronic said...

75th best Sun reading footy expert on board too! :)

So shall we restrict the team names to a monosyllable so as not to confuse you? ;)

bungers said...

Afternoon chaps!

I´m up for a bit of that!

How are we all this lovely afternoon?

Looks like I´ve got a bit of catching up to do with regards to reading all the last four weeks nonsense! I´ll have to download the tinternet and read it all on the plane on the way home! ;)


mmChronic said...

ola bungholio!

2 goes on the interweb in a month - lucky you! :)

bungers said...


(As they say in Brasil!)

Yeppers... I was making sure you were all still alive. ;) You know that device ET hooks up so he can phone home? That´s my tinterweb connection. I made it out of a speak and spell and an old umbrella!

Dossing about in Sao Paulo for a couple of days, then fly back into the UK on Sunday night. Back to work on Monday!

Off for lunch now.. all you can eat meat for 3 quid I suppose! ;)

Laters dudes!


Dogs said...

Yay! The Bungster returns.

mmChronic said...

All you can eat meat? In Brazil?

Can anyone spell lady boy?

Flip said...

I'm pretty confident upfront...