Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?

Buck up boyo, you're Anne Robinson!

When you're not offending the Welsh or stupid Americans on the dumbed-down transatlantic version of your hate-filled, lowest common denominator gameshow, you're being mean to people and pulling the legs off injured animals. We've seen you.

Frankly, all this anger would be best directed towards evil corporations, which you did for a while at the helm of the BBC's Watchdog programme - the only show infinitely better with you on it. As it is, you've suddenly become a multi-million-dollar institution, spawning clones in hundreds of countries, presumably all winking in that terrifying "I look cuddly now, but I can hurt you. Oh yes, I can hurt you bad" way.

Maybe you're ultra-famous, but you'll always be a B-list celebrity in our eyes. At least you're not writing for the Daily Mail any more.

You can tell the world exactly what kind of link they are with the following angry outburst:
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.

Well that's bhell13 not talking to me then.

via Ideophobia


bryn said...

Damn right im not tal..... DOH!

Dogs said...

I'm Regis Philbin. American Who Wants to be a millionaire host. Smug git apparently.

Flip said...

Lenny Henry...ummm I think that's good hehe...

btw...I've been dropping ya link around any good?

mmChronic said...

Ah that's who's doing it! cheers man! :)

We've appeared on a couple of linkdump sites and had quite a few referrals from them - certainly more than the referrer script is showing anyway.

I keep meaning to stick this site (or at least my favourite post to date) on linkfilter but I reckon it's just a little too whoreish. We were expecting some exposure from Blogger too (they emailed me weeks ago saying they were going to use it in a hacks article!) for this post but it hasn't happened yet. They are probably waiting for me to do the tutorial on add a 'new comment count' thing to Blogger's comment count - I know ILuvNufc is!

Those 2 post are probably the nearest we've got to actual content instead of just linking other people's stuff. Yet still they come for man boobies, women of walmart and Dian crash pics. Ho hum.

Flip said...

Dude when I first started all my comedy genious was ready abd able...2 months of 6 visitors and I thought fuck it...I was already on I did a babes and boob blog and voila...

People moan there's nothing new on the net and us bloggers are sheep...but try launching summat new...they run a freakin mile :(

T and A and purile smut everytime...looks like I found my true calling...muhahahaha

mmChronic said...

Our biggest ever spike in traffic was when we told Apple to stick their iPod up their arse. That line alone was quoted on Wired's Mac blog and they came in their droves.

So in addition to T&A I recommend swearing a bit. :)