Monday, July 19, 2004

Dog Island Free Forever

woof!Have you sorted out your holiday destination for this year Dogs? If not I may have found the perfect spot for you. Dog Island where dogs are free forever apparently.

The idea is that your dog is released to become feral and live a free life feasting on rabbits (and according to the 'high strung' question in the FAQ each other every now and then!), forming packs, sniffing each others arses and pooping everywhere.

via Portal of Evil


Dogs said...

Dog Island. Where your free roaming Chihuahua has a life expectancy of 17 minutes before it meets a free roaming pit bull.

mmChronic said...

The spoilsports have though of that. It's not really an island but several which are reserved for dogs of varying sizes. So for instance your chihuaha would be on the gay pooch island whilst my alsatian would be on the Well'ard island.

Doesn't seem so natural after all then - some external entity comes down and divides the fauna into sizes so they can't hurt each other. Pah. Wimps.

Dogs said...

My Chihuahua is a bull mastiff in disguise.

What about Jack Russels? - same size as a Chihuahua but still likely to eat it. Maybe they have a Chihuahua only island.

mmChronic said...

And a small-to-medium sized dog island would quickly get overrun by staffies. I reckon it's all a con.

These people dupe you into handing over your dog, then sell hunting rights to fat American businessmen. It's a continually replenished hunting stock for free. Crafty.

Has anybody got any spare cats? I want to erm... release them onto Pussy Island where they can catch mice all day in the sun. Until I shoot the fsckers. bwahahaha!