Thursday, July 29, 2004

You want public art?

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After the discussion today about public art I said I was going to get a picture of a piece that was geet classy as owt. Well here you go - garden ornaments made from beer cans. And if Tracy Emin's tent was art then this labour of love is a masterpiece in my book.

I'm off to phone Charles Saatchi.


ILuvNUFC said...

Funnily enough, me and the missus walked past there the other day and it was the first time she had seen it.
He was in the Chronicle a few months ago, but he only had the well then, and he said he drank 8 cans of Guinness every day and it was a useful way of disposing of his empty tinnies.
8 Fscking cans!!!
Every day!!!

Still, at least he is recycling his rubbish to make modern art.
I wonder how much the helix-thingymajig would have cost in raw materials never building the bugger.
Why did the council scrap the idea?

mmChronic said...

Probably because it was some outrageous amount of money and they'd just put the council tax up by some extortionate amount again and they would have got hassled to death. That was in the Chronicle too.

I remember seeing it in the Chronicle at the time and I think he/she had only one piece. Now there's 3!

I reckon it's way more than 8 cans a day! So is that George Best's house then? ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

If he is admitting to drinking 8 a day how many does he really drink? 12? 16?

BykerSink said...


These are my people.

Makes me sooo proud.

christine said...

Ah Byker, is that what you are taking to Hanoi?

This is *my* country - we do things differently there.

mmChronic said...

Just think BS if you'd started one of these yourself ages ago you could have weighed it in now at Shepherd's and the proceeds might have funded your trip. :)

Dogs said...

My appreciation of art is strictly limited to how obvious the talent is and anything that makes you go "WOW". Tracy Emin IMHO has no obvious talent - she's just one of a long line of "artists" who are making a quick buck selling "deeply meeningful" tents and beds to the art snobs. And I say if you can get the work and it pays then well done and good luck. It's the pretentious art snobs who do me fookin nut in.

Dogs said...

And just to explain the WOW factor: I don't mean erecting a 200 foot tall penis made out of ear wax.

mmChronic said...

Well this piece made me go 'wow' at his obvious talent for putting a crate of Guinness away every day. Does that count?

mmChronic said...

Fancy pouring scorn on my latest project you twunt!

I'm off to make a 200 ft wide mot out of smeg.

Dogs said...

I assume South Tyneside Council are funding you for that.

mmChronic said...

It will be jointly funded by N & S Tyneside councils as it is going to be the decorative entrance to the 2nd Tyne Tunnel.

Flip said...

classy :P