Friday, July 23, 2004


A quite addictive game to while away you're friday afternoon at work. Hungry Mario
I almost forgot, here is a Ralph Wiggum soundboard.

Guess who has just recieved some tickets for TOTP Gateshead next week? I applied for them for the wife's sister but i don't think she can make it. I will find out and if she can't we shall have a real prize for a NewLinks compo.They would be no good to us as the music is crap and we are too old! :)


mmChronic said...

Whereabouts in Gateshead will it be? And do you know who's on?

BykerSink said...

Oooh go on. Wor lass is down from Jockland and we're having a fancy weekend staying in Malmaison.

Actually nah, hang on. I'm too old too. I'm sure a fat shaven headed bloke smoking a tab at the back and loudly complaining wouldn't go down well at all.

ILuvNUFC said...

You will have to pretend you are 15-19, dress trendily and promise to dance.
Actually i gave them to my niece as she is 15.Sorry folks if my post raised you're interest.
Guess where i am today?