Monday, May 24, 2004

LucasFan Games

Oh yeah... well... you fight like a cow!A truly international team has remade Maniac Mansion & Zak McKracken in 256 colour PC goodness. Say goodbye to that pixelly VGA cack and revisit these classic games. What next? A 3D Sam and Max would do for me please - especially as the rumoured sequel got binned.

via Waxy.


bungers said...

But no mention of Monkey Island... give the crowd what it wants!

mmChronic said...

MI would be nice. I'd still prefer a shiny Sam and Max.

I bought a version of Sam & Max and Maniac Mansion on a single CD re-release where they had added voice acting. Cost? Five quid. I couldn't get the sound working properly (they were DOS games which I was trying to run under 95) on MM which was a shame. I should give it another go as it supposed to be easier to get DOS games running under XP.