Thursday, May 20, 2004

So what is the new feature?

New Feature? But it's an old picture from our Byker Cully report.

It's the 1st picture that came to hand when testing our New Feature™. Blogger have introduced photoblogging now. So what does photoblogging mean to we New Linkers? Well I could pretend it's all about riding the cutting edge of blogging and that we are hip, trendy Generation Xers. But that would be silly. The reason it is going to get used here is of paramount importance to the net's premier cheapskates - it means FREE hi-res image storage! YAY!

A full tutorial is available at Blogger. But the basic premise is download and install a chat gizmo called Hello, choose send picture, then choose BloggerBot as the recipient. You will then get an option screen for resizing,captioning etc. Once you have done that, choose publish to blog and off it goes. The picture is published as a thumbnail which is a link through to the full size picture.

When resizing images for the thumbnail choose one of the two smaller sizes for publishing as the largest size will probably screw the layout of the page. As for the size of the stored hi-res image choose the largest. After all we aren't paying for the hosting! ;)

CAVEAT: I haven't looked at privacy implications yet re spyware etc as I had to have a fiddle with it straight away. I'll be going back to the Hello page to have a read soon.

ps. Bungers was going to have a look at this and write something but there are several reasons I've done it instead.
  1. I couldn't wait to have a play
  2. We would be waiting for months for him to do it ;)
  3. Most importantly of all he is doing the Victoria Tunnel Report tonight. Parp!


ILuvNUFC said...

Hmmm. Victoria tunnel? What's that all about then?

mmChronic said...

I have some sort of hazy recollection of a trip we took down a tunnel ages ago - but I'm not sure it was actually real now or whether it was just a dream.

If you try that Hello program I've signed up as mmChronic. You can use it to send pictures to each other as well as to the blog.

ILuvNUFC said...

As before(Blogger comments) i may wait to see how it settles before i switch my image host because i still hav'nt been convinced about Bloggers comments yet.Too many "this page can't be found" malarkey for me.I know it is seperate companies but the demand will be high at first, i will stuck with MSN groups for now.

Oh for a Vicky Tunnel report, it would be so nice.

Anymore info on Edinburgh as Al wants to know.

There is another cully trip planned this w/e if anyone is interested. Al is going to take some other dudes down. Contact me for details.

mmChronic said...

The problems with the comments seems to be a problem with Blogger doing redirects on the pages and the redirects being crap. That plus the fact Blogger's webservers seem to have been playing up a bit the last few days.

The image loading is way faster than from msn groups - and I'm running out of space there now anyway.

Nowt more on Edinburgh although haven't really looked for stuff. I think a good search this weekend should turn up something.

As for going back down the cully - once every 20 years or so will do me! I was knackered by the time I got home. :)

ILuvNUFC said...


bungers said...

I'm writing the sodding report now! It'll NEVER be as good as the Cully tour cause I ain't got enuff photos!! Pah!

bungers said...

Does it mean I can fire the pictures up to the hello photoblog thing..? This'll be good for Mergs too.. he can send us photos from NYC. Cool!

mmChronic said...

You can do that with the photo's but I think it will do a post per picture which is a bit excessive. I haven't played with it enough to say that for definite though. I'll have another play with it.

A (horrible) workaround would be to post them to another blog (eg the one we set up to play with feeds) and cut the html from the posts and whack them into a single post for here. Like I said horrible but it would get the pics hosted and thumbnailed.

ILuvNUFC said...

Good luck mm and bungholio.
I'm off to watch another courtesy of BitTorrent.
YAY to Bit! or should that be YARRRR to Bit

ILuvNUFC said...

* movie


bungers said...

We're number two on google for "Rate my Rod"...! Erm.. Yay..??

mmChronic said...

It'll bring in more of the pervy audience that dogs craves. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dogs IS the pervy audience. ;)