Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Museum of Spam

Whilst reading Stephen Newton's blog, which we've mentioned here before, I saw a link to a new project of his - The Museum of Spam.

It's a neat idea. Using the email to Blogger feature Stephen is publishing all the spam he receives at the address for that blog. This is then published in all it's nasty HTML glory.
All e-mails to stephennewton.mofs@blogger.com are posted here uncensored. Anyone is free to pass judgement on them... or whatever.
Repeating the email address here can only help boost the crap he gets.

One thought does spring to mind. It could be easily hijacked by unscrupulous bloggers trying to boost their linkbacks. All they'd have to do is email stuff containing their URL, this would then be indexed as a linkback by Technorati, Blogpulse, BlogDex, Google etc etc. I'm off to run a mass mailer. Bwahahaha!


Stephen Newton said...

Thanks for the plug. Like the new template, but not this Blogger comment form, it seems a bit basic.

mmChronic said...

No problem on the plug! :)

The comments only accept a, i, & b tags + entities. It would be nice if they accepted more but I like the comments on the post page bit of it more than I do the ability to add a graphic smiley.

This will probably now start a mass whinge from ILuvNufc about HaloScan being so much better! ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I would'nt say Haloscan is much better it's just that Blogger comments hav'nt persuaded me yet. :)

mmChronic said...

I'd still like to be able to do more tags in these but I suppose you can't have everything..

bungers said...

Here we go again...