Wednesday, May 26, 2004


This is an old one but I looked at it for the first time last night. BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market is like CelebDaq except you trade on Blogs rather than celebrities. There is loads more information available than there is/was with CelebDaq. In fact it's like the Championship Manager of share dealing games as it has everything you could possibly want to know about your share deals etc.

You get B$500 to start off with and, if you claim your blog, you get 1000 of the 5000 shares in that. Each link in/out of a blog has a value with links to/from popular sites worth more than those from sites with 1 reader. I piled my virtual cash into the Bellavista Juventud site we featured yesterday. At the time I invested it only showed our link to it and I knew the link from SpaceHardware would show up soon plus any others that had been made thus increasing it's value. I hope that doesn't count as insider trading! I should probably read the rules... one day. Oh well if I get caught I can always pull a Saunders.

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