Thursday, May 20, 2004

Church of Fools

Swear in my fscking church and I'll punch your fscking mouth in.Remember Ship Of Fools who we featured regarding their 11th Commandment compo? Well they launched an online virtual church last week. How did we miss that one? Unfortunately it has already been swamped with people logging in as Satan and swearing their heads off!
The church is partly intended for people on the edges (and beyond them) of faith, so please be aware that the language and behaviour in church is often colourful and occasionally offensive. Please bear with us ? this is an experiment and we're working on creative solutions to the problem of mischievous visitors. Church of Fools is currently not suitable for children.
Apparently moderators have been equipped with a 'smite' button! This article at CNN has more on the disruption. I thought CNN was supposed to be a serious news source? If so how can they say that someone who logs in with a legitimate username & password is a 'hacker'? I've just logged into Blogger so I'm presumably a hacker now. I'm off to get a job as a security expert.

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