Saturday, May 29, 2004

Toon site

We are mental, we are madHere's a toon fan site - Serwis Newcastle United from Poland. It's full of transfer gossip like this interesting(?) snippet:
?rodkowy obro?ca Bordeaux Marco Caneira znalaz? si? w orbicie zainteresowa? dzia?aczy Newcastle.
Woo? Yay? Probably? New Links will of course provide translation on request via the multilingual ILuvNufc who has picked up a smattering of Polish during his exhaustive trawls of Eastern European sites whilst looking for Blink 182 bootlegs.

Of more interest to the non Polish speakers here may be the goal videos and image gallery.

Minor quibble here. They also have a Legends page, or Legendy as we cosmopolitan European Unionists might say, which has some real toon legends. And Barry Venison. Now don't get me wrong I liked Bad Back Bazzer a lot but he's not really a legend is he? Or did I miss something? He's just not in the same League as God, Wor Jackie, KK, Pedro, Shack, Wyn the Leap, Gazza, Sausage Packer and quite a few more. Maybe he got extra points for his lovely hair and waistcoats? ;)


ILuvNUFC said...

I found this site a while back through and i never bothered to post the link as it is very difficult to negotiate espesh as it is Polish. :)

Also most of the goals on this site were available on 2 previous links that i posted about the Toon.

mmChronic said...

Are you trying to claim this is an old post then? :)

We've never had posted here, I've just been and looked there and this is what he has to say on the subject of "goals were available elsewhere"
Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to put their files here, especially (in no particular order) sukhjitsingh, Fabien Barthez, Damien, Jonny Hall, Ori, Bramaldo, Sgt. Pepper, Superjari,, Jose luis pirri, Omri, Haimrevivo, (the one I've just posted), tynesite and everybody at Xtratime.
ie toongoals is showing www.newcastle.prv's clips, amongst others, which means the link I've posted is the source of some of the videos and will therefore have the new clips before toongoals come the new season. So the Links are in fact Newer which is what New Links is all about. Yay!

Of course to ensure I don't post dupe links in future I now have to check every other website in the world to ensure they haven't linked to it first.

And this is of course totally ignoring the discussion opener I tagged on the end - whether or not Barry Vension is fit to be called a toon legend. Pah. I try and start constructive debate and in return get a whinge because a site I posted is linked to by a site you posted on your site. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I done a toon post a while back with links to videos and i forgot to include dumbness is prob explained by the fact that i had a link in that post that i called toon goals but it was to one of the other sites.If you get me.

Sorry sir i won't do it again.

As for Bazza, he was great but never a leg-endy.I'm off to that page later to see what i can make of it cos i never clicked the leg-endy link.

mmChronic said...

Yay! My Polish is better than yours. Or something. :)

There are 1 or 2 in there that wouldn't count as a legend for me but he was the obvious target to take the piss out of I thought.

And feel free to post Toon Goals as a main post - it won't be a dupe after all! ;)