Friday, May 21, 2004

Bariatric Watch

Here comes the science bit...Feeling a bit fat today lard a$$? Erm, I mean for all you bariatric people, who can't tell when to stop eating - here comes a device that scientists have invented to help you lose weight! Now pay attention...

Diet Device Makes You Take Smaller Bites.

There, that's not so hard is it? Now you've got no more excuses. Oh, apart from your metabolism, your "big bones", your parents, your school, your upbringing, your unsupportive friends and family... yadda yadda.

Here's my advice : stop eating so much junk, and get off your fat a$$ and do some excercise.

This part of the new series of bungers Advises™ posts. You know it makes sense©.


mmChronic said...


for the Science icon - best Scientist featured on New Links. Evar. Probably.

You've got some good entries on the icon front this month, Mr. Bungers. I am going to have pull my finger out to win this one.

Oh and entities like ™ & ° seem to be working in the comments now.

bungers said...

hehehe.. thanks. I think by being more offensive we can get more noteriety. Nice work with the ™

Now we can © all our comments!


Anonymous said...

Me and my 4 sisters are all what you would call extreme "lard a$$". If I sat on you there is a good chance that you would get stuck between my enourmous butt cheeks. Like an organic thong. Which is all Mr Bungers is good for. Me and my fat sisters are going to come looking for you. When we find you, and we will, we are going to kidnap you and use you as our gimp.

mmChronic said...

So that's why monsieur Chien disappears so frequently - it obviously takes him ages to get in/out of his fat-enhanced dress.