Thursday, May 27, 2004

If Your Husband Has a Porsche, Follow Him

We're all going to die and they're never going to give me my licence!A Hamburg-based opinion poll suggests thatIf Your HusbandLifePartner Has a Porsche, Follow Him!
Porsche drivers were the least faithful, with 49 percent admitting infidelity, followed by BMW drivers at 46 percent.
So if I was on a date with a BMW driver then I'd be inclined to watch them.

Ah... but they also get the most sex. If anyone wants me, I'll be the one looking good in the 3-series...

I thought I'd "gay it all up a bit" with that LifePartner stuff... seeing as we've gone a bit gay in here today! ;)


bungers said...

Oh... I suppose he'd be your husband either way... wouldn't he..?

Goes to show how much I know...! :)

mmChronic said...

I must be the most trustworthy male in the world as I get a lift in a Corsa.