Saturday, May 29, 2004

Foreign Fingers

We've had international swearing before featuring a Welsh swear page and a truly global swearpage. We've even had the mother-of-all swearword collections. But we haven't had a guide to international obscene hand gestures. That's that sorted then.

The page features the English V sign including a lovely picture of the Thatchbitch telling her adoring masses to piss off. It's a bit fuzzy on the history of the sign though. I always thought it was first used after the battle of Agincourt. This was supposedly due to the practice of the French cutting off the draw fingers of any English longbowmen they captured which then made it a little difficult to use a longbow. The English archers "gave the Vs" en-masse to the advancing French just to let them know they were ready for action.

Remember kids - swearing is big and it is clever. It's part of your history. Yay!

via The Flophouse

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