Friday, July 16, 2004

Mozilla Vulnerability Timeline

From the discovery of the shell: exploit to the point where all of the affected products were available with fixes took only 31 hours! There are holes in Internet Explorer that are months old. Bear in mind Microsoft is the world's largest, richest software company and they can't turnaround fixes anywhere near that quick.

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bryn said...

That's because Mozilla care about their customers.
IE usage has dropped 1% since FF 0.9 was released. Thats a good start.

mmChronic said...

That 1% drop to IE is a drop in the ocean to Microsoft but OTOH the increase to Mozilla must have been a massive boost ie Mozilla userbase will have increased by 33% or 50% (guess but not unreasonable).

Sapientum said...

1% of the IE userbase is a huge number and will be causing perturbation in Redmond for sure!

I normally use Opera and downloaded Firefox a week or so ago and I have already had it fail in a spectacular way. After a simple plug-in download it crashed to the point where I had to completely un-install and re-install the whole applicaiton to get it to work again. I have never had this problem with Opera or Explorer.

I think I will remain with Opera, which is Mozilla based and has served me well for the past 5 years!

bryn said...

With all the major tech blogs [including us!] covering Firefox [extensions, updates etc] its only a matter of time before the internet elite have completely shunned IE and then it's the turn of the unwashed masses to flock to Firefox.
I think this will happen once somebody starts releasing optimised installs with all the extensions that give it the functionality of IE as standard. So a straight swap is possible for all the n00bs out there.

mmChronic said...

I've had a couple of minor problems with Firefox but considering it's still not a full release version you have to expect that.

I'd be interested to know how well all the bits and bobs on New Links works in Opera Sapientum as I haven't used Opera for a couple of years now ie does the page layout ok, does the new comment count code work etc etc.

And I'm selling Firefox to everyone now. If nothing else it may get MS of their collective arses and do some IE development.