Wednesday, July 28, 2004

In the news today...

A nice story especially for those Newlinkers who need to fit in linkage amongst stuff they're supposed to be doing and getting paid for. Corinne Maier, a senior economist at Electricité de France, wrote a book about The Art and the Importance of Doing the Least Possible at the Workplace and now her employer is taking disciplinary action. Too bloomin' right I say. The nerve of some people. Of course NewLinkers are highly efficient work motivated multi-tasking individuals who can create linkage for our readers perusal whilst simultaneously debugging 10,000,000 lines of badly commented code. Probably.


mmChronic said...

Ooh the irony.

Dogs spends all day yesterday on the site from home without a single comment or post then posts several posts and comments from work today - the latest being a comeback at my mocking of him to boot. Shouldn't you be writing some shitty vb code? ;)

I'll ask Dogs how many times he has taken code home and sat for a further 8-10 hours coding (for work) at home after putting in 8-10 hours at work? Or worked thorough lunch? or laughs at statutory 15 minute breaks away from PC?

I'm off to buy the book.

mmChronic said...

Yay for Stalinist Revision.

I'll comment on you new bit too. I subscribe to the Displacement Activity theory which basically says when do complex tasks and running into problems you do something else instead and let your inner mind work on the problem. I spend that diversionary time posting shit for you to read.

Dogs said...

Yesterday I was working at home due to having far too much work to do and not being able to get it done without interruption at the orifice - hence yesterday was postless. I was working.. though admittedly I did take the occasional brief glance at NewLinks.

You are a bit touchy today.

Dogs said...

It was not my intention but I think I hit a raw nerve with my post :)

Just for the record - apart from the occasional tea making duties and a trip to the gents, I never take breaks. Of any variety or duration. I eat my lunch whilst continuing to work. And I regularly work evenings and weekends without compensation. So STFU. And get back to work :)

mmChronic said...

Me touchy? Nah - just my usual argumentative self. Wanna fight you postshy cnut? :)

Presumably you should be working today too as you are in the office? Yet you manage to post. ho hum.

And I find if I'm working from home I have even more spare time because as you say the pointless interruptions cease. Which means you can put in the equivalent of a full days work in the office and post and still do less than 8 hours.