Friday, February 11, 2005

Have You Got A Dirty Mind?

If you look at the picture on the linked page you will apparently see one of two things - one of the things means you have a dirty mind, the other that you are more innocent than a child.

I of course am a paragon of innocence and saw nothing untoward. Probably.

via DoctorVee


ILuvNUFC said...

I obviously have a dirty mind so what is the other thing you can see?

mmChronic said...

It tells you below the picture - but the Ugly Ass Fish icon is a clue.

Of course we'll probably get wrong on BoingBoing for calling this creature a fish! ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

:) Just had another look and I still can't see the dolphins. ;)

Dogs said...

Well I'm obviously a dirty mind but at least I can see the dolphins if I squint

bungers said...

hehe! NINE dolphins..? NINE dolphins...? WTF! I can only see two! Argghhh!

Arrgghh, my filthy mind!

mmChronic said...

I can see all nine - but I have to admit it was rhe nekkid couple I saw first!