Friday, February 25, 2005

British Blogs Top Ten

The British Blogs Top 10 which we joined the other day is currently being updated nearly every day as more and more blogs are added to the list. Hopefully it settles down to once a week soon so we can give you a weekly chart run down in a Alan 'Pop Pickers' Freeman stylee.

As it is we've dropped to number 9 in the charts mainly due to more popular (but obviously not actually better! ;) blogs coming into the chart. We are also starting to lose some of the residual visits from our massive spike the other week for the Get Firefox Ribbon. Here's the top ten as they stood yesterday.

1. Andrew Sullivan: 32633 average daily visits.
2. A Welsh View: 7154
3. Normblog: 2890
4. Harry's Place: 2727
5. Tim Worstall: 1486
6. No Rock and Roll Fun: 1474
7. Biased BBC: 1432
8. Plastic Bag: 1354
9. New Links: 1187
10. The Policeman?s Blog: 1146

Full charts here.

So it looks like we'll probably drop out of the top ten at the weekend and become the blogging equivalent of a one hit wonder, forever trying to relive our week in the sun. Or something.

I think we need tag icons for British and Blogging. I'll leave that to someone else as seen as I seem to be writing all the posts these days. ;)


bryn said...

mC, Ill do those icons this weekend, ive been shirking my posts recently so feel I should offer something to the site.
Anymore that need to be done?

mmChronic said...

Yay - laying guilt trips works! ;)

None I can think of Bhell13 but obviosuly feel free to add any you can think of.

I will probably be doing a January icon compo this w/e too as it's been forgotten about.

Flip said...

You get far more hits than little old Flophouse and Etherus combined...what's the secret..?

All Nudes is just about hitting 4,000 these days...oh how I miss the days of 15,000....dunno where they all went hehe...

mmChronic said...

Frequent posting helps - everytime you update you go to the top of lot of 'recently updated' list. If you look at the stats just after a post has went up you get more hits from various aggregators and the 'next blog' button.

Our hack stuff gets frequent return visits - the On This day one was the very first hack listed in the Blogger User Hacks section and that gets lots of hits - it doesn't harm that the script by default also links to the page. The Get Firefox Ribbon has had thousands of hits after it got picked up by various tech boards in Europe. The Tag Icon Generator page is popular too - and the tags themselves generate hits from the Technorati Tag pages.

Lastly we seem to be doing ok in terms of picking popular stuff to blog about - we get lots of hits from search engines with people looking for Paris Hilton and Men With Breasts.

Feel free to plug your other sites when you post you know - every bit of traffic helps! ;)